Riches Among the Ruins by Robert P. Smith


October 26 - Robert was a guest of honor and a speaker at a private dinner at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



October 25 - Robert spoke about Emerging Market Debt at the Center for Corporate Law and Securities at UC San Diego Law School in California.



June - Robert traveled to Israel on a fact-finding trip with the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA).



3 June - Smith gave a talk about Riches Among the Ruins and the state of the global economy to a crowd at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, MA. 





26 May - Robert P. Smith attended the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, where his book was featured. 



21 May - Robert P. Smith will be appearing as a featured actor in comedian Jackie Mason's upcoming movie, The Zany Detective.






11 May - Smith spoke to a crowd at the Weston Public Library about Riches Among the Ruins and the global economic developments in Europe and emerging markets.



27 April - Jay Liebenguth at Fresh Octane interviewed Smith, reviewed Riches Among the Ruins, and asked him about the best plays in emerging market investments.





21 April - Smith spoke to the New York Society of Security Analysts about the global economy and his deals in the bond market.



11 April - The New York Times interviewed Smith at the Pierre Hotel's big dance and cocktails party hosted by Irfan Haque.


22 March - Turan makes the Boston Globe - Farah Stockman talked to Turan about our experiences in and knowledge of the strange world of Iraqi sovereign debt.



11 March - The Globe and Mail in Canada turned to Turan for insight on the risks and rewards of sovereign debt investing.



9 March - Mr. Smith gave a presentation to the Worcester Club on Riches Among the Ruins and discussed the potential for investment in emerging markets like Ecuador and Nigeria.



10 Februray - Clark Isaacs reviewed Riches Among the Ruins at, saying the book "reads like a spy novel and its suspenseful travel episodes make for a very entertaining read."



29 January - A nice mention of Riches Among the Ruins in the Daily Challenges of an Entrepreneur blog by Gordon Whyte.



27 January - Mr. Smith spoke to a group of fellow Roxbury Latin alumni and students at the Harvard Club in Boston, discussing his career and the state of global and US markets.



13 January - LiveWithJay just posted an interview with me, discussing Riches Among the Ruins and investing strategies in the new economy.



11 January - New blog post on Chavez's sudden devaluation of the bolivar.



8 January - Global Finance magazine interviewed Mr. Smith, asking his view on the massive monetary stimulus being pumped into global credit markets.



30 December - Riches Among the Ruins is now available in audiobook form from, which allows you to listen to the book in a number of digital media formats.



22 December - Mr. Smith appeared on Fox Business News to talk about Riches, Turan and the market for sovereign debt.



21 December - Barron's ran a feature length article by reporter Kenneth Rapoza about Mr. Smith, Riches Among the Ruins and Turan Corporation.



18 December - Riches Among the Ruins received some attention from the Legislative Branch this Government - Mr. Smith pictured here with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.




18 December - The New York Post ran a story about Mr. Smith and Jackie Mason, who will be appearing at his 70th Birthday Gala.



15 December - 800 CEO Read selects Riches Among the Ruins as one of the top biographies of the year.



9 December - The Providence Journal published Mr. Smith's op-ed piece about the fallout and future of the Dubai World debt crisis



3 December - Bowdoin Magazine featured Mr. Smith in their Fall 2009 issue, interviewing him about his work and his book.



24 November - Jason Ford over at Frontier Lane picked up Riches Among the Ruins and couldn't put it down, calling it his #1 book of 2009.



24 November - Riches Among the Ruins was featured as one of the three "Best Business Books" of the year by Parag Khanna and Ayesha Khanna at Strategy + Business.



20 featured a piece by Mr. Smith about the potential for a growing bubble in the market for sovereign debt, as the "wall of money" created by 0% interest rates seeks returns.



23 November - ran Mr. Smith's article on emerging market debt this morning. The article looked at both the opportunities and the potential dangers of this increasingly popular market.



Saleh made another appearance on Marketplace, discussing the 'frontier bonds' of places like Angola, Belarus and Iran.


Listen here.



Riches Among the Ruins has begun streaming at EmergInvest, a portal for analysis, statistics and information on emerging markets. All of our posts will be syndicated through their portal. Read the latest on Venezuela!



The Wall Street Journal turned to Mr. Smith for analysis of new Brazilian rules regarding derivatives of foreign exchange contracts, particularly foreign exchange futures that burned several major Brazilian companies.



Genuine Curiosity reviews Riches Among the Ruins on their website, saying that "The book is a fun read, and the style is very conversational and vivid -- as I read it, I could readily picture the scenes in my mind."



Riches Among the Ruins was reviewed by Ask Matt, CPA.



The Midwest Book Review published a brief review and recommendation of Riches.



Mr. Smith appeared in The Globe and Mail to talk about his experiences in the global market, and the article has been linked on several websites.



Andrew Warner of interviewed Mr. Smith and posted a page about  his book and his experiences in global finance.



800-CEO-Read ran a brief interview and posted a profile of Mr. Smith on their website, which now carries Riches Among the Ruins.



Seeking Alpha and Market Folly featured Mr. Smith's book for a second review, noting its unique perspective on globalization.



Saleh Daher appeared on Marketplace to comment on the latest issuance of Russian debt and the country's history of default and devaluation.



Keith Suiter reviewed Riches on his radio show, calling it a "white-knuckle ride through the underbelly of the global market economy."



A great mention of Mr. Smith and Riches on the site "Life Insurance Selling." Richard Hoe says of the 1998 Russia default, "That is one thing that seperates great traders from average traders: Belief in one's own instinct. Smith lost $15 million in one day in 1998 and made it all back, plus some, by 2001."



Blog Business World posted a profile of Mr. Smith and hosted an interview about Riches Among the Ruins.



The Providence Journal ran Mr. Smith's op-ed about the possible upside to investing in one of the riskiest spots in the world - the West Bank, with its new, burgeoning Palestinian Monetary Authority run by Dr. Jihad al-Wazir.



Optimum Performance Technologies reviewed Riches Among the Ruins, noting Mr. Smith's "astute power of observation, knack for improvisational creativity, & propensity for instinctive (intuitive) decision making."



Mr. Smith was a guest on the CNN Radio Podcast of the Wall Street Shuffle, talking about dealing in debt, risk, and the parallels between his life and the financial thriller The International.


CNN Radio Podcast












































Mr. Smith appeared on Mindset, a show with 550 KTRS in St. Louis, to talk about the risks and rewards of trading sovereign debt.



Jordan Rich interviewed Mr. Smith on his show with WBZ 1030, speaking about the book and the business of trading debt.



Civilian Reader wrote a glowing review of Riches: "Books about economics are very rarely engaging, entertaining and informative. This manages to be all three and more."



The Gunn Memorial Library in Washington, CT, hosted a book talk and signing for Mr. Smith on October 22.



Mr. Smith was the guest of honor at the Algonquin Club's business breakfast on October 15, speaking about Riches Among the Ruins.


Hindu Business Line employed Mr. Smith's insights in Riches Among the Ruins in their article on the consequences of deteriorating nations and economies.



Riley McDermid of Markets Media called Riches a "must-read," saying that the "biography is at once adrenaline-fueled and utterly compelling." He also notes Robert P. Smith's reputation as "one of the world's most fearless financial adventurers." wrote that Riches is "a great story of identifying opportunity, adventure, and creative thinking. We love that!"



Thomas Duff reviewed Riches on his blog, Duffbert's Musings.



Career Bright featured a glowing review of Riches, calling Robert P. Smith "one of the world's most fearless financial adventurers."



Seeking Alpha wrote a review of Riches, saying that it's a "rip-roaring read filled with amazing tales from the far side of risk.", a blog featuring "advice from successful people," ran a review of Riches today, October 2.



Core Sector Communique reviewed Riches Among the Ruins, calling it a "must read."



John Chancellor, a top reviewer for, wrote a glowing review of Riches Among the Ruins on Friday, September 18th.



Mr. Smith spoke at the Belmont Country Club on September 10th about Riches among the Ruins.



The Wonk Room at linked to the Riches Among the Ruins blog, featuring an article about Chinese trade policy and tariffs.



Jack Covert reviews Riches, saying "This is the book you want to read for a history lesson on how business was conducted before information technology and Bloomberg changed the world forever."



Publisher's Weekly featured Mr. Smith with Seantor Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.



Business book portal 800 CEO Read writes up Riches Among the Ruins on their site.



The Roxbury Latin School chose Momar Dieng as 2009's Robert P. Smith '58 International Scholar. After receiving a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC Davis, Dieng moved to Harvard University to complete a Masters in Public Administration. With significant international development experience in Africa, particularly his home country of Senegal, Dieng perfectly represents the spirit of global growth and innovation prized by Mr. Smith.



Amherst Magazine featured Riches in its Summer 2009 Issue.



Judith Regan talks to Robert about Riches Among the Ruins and modern finance on her Sirius XM show.



Steve Pomeranz, host of On The Money Radio, airing on NPR member station WXEL 90.7 FM Public Radio for South Florida, interviews Robert in his show  on August 3, 2009.


Interview begins at 41 minutes



Robert speaks with Jay Fishman at 570 WSYR in Syracuse about Riches and gives some investment advice.




Bostonia writes a review on Riches Among the Ruins in the Summer 2009 issue. Read



The Miami Herald writes about Robert's adventures, nicknames and advice in "Q&A with Robert Smith, sovereign debt trader," published on Monday, July 6. Read the article 



BusinessWeek cites Robert as an expert in foreign bonds in the article "The Allures and Perils of Foreign Government Bonds," published on Thursday, June 18. Read



Robert spoke at the Citi Women Event on July 9 in London, United Kingdom. 


Citi Women Event






Reuters reports on Robert's investment prowess in "Turan eyes $500 mln fund as markets regain allure," published Thursday, June 18. Read



Riches Among the Ruins got a great review on the Financial Post! Read



 Low Sweat Investing blog writes about Riches Among the Ruins. Read the review here.



"WalletPop" host Lan Nguyen interviewed Robert on her first edition of "How I Made My First Million" on BlogTalk Radio. Listen here



Robert’s Op-Ed Piece “Robert P. Smith: Let markets teach Argentina a lesson” appeared in The Providence Journal on Wednesday, June 3, 2009. Read



The AP Personal Finance Team recommends Riches Among the Ruins. Read



Borders Bookstore held an author event for Robert (5/6, 10 School St., Boston)



Robert Smith spoke at Bowdoin College (5/12, Brunswick, ME) about his book.



Robert’s Op-Ed Piece “Robert P. Smith: Chavez allies in trouble: Socialist Venezuela is cracking up” appeared in The Providence Journal on Tuesday, May 5, 2009. Read



Robert P. Smith released a press release about the Swine Flu and how it could affect the markets. Click here to read the press release. cited Robert on how Swine Flu may affect the Mexican Bolsa. Read



Robert was interviewed by Forbes' own Bob Lenzner. Catch the interview on Video Network


Click here to watch

Click here to read the transcript



Riches Among the Ruins got a great recommendation from The Providence Journal editorial page editor Robert Whitcomb. Read the review here.



Robert appeared on "Business Day" with R.D. Sahl (4/22, New England Cable News)




Robert addressed students and members of the community at Barnes & Noble @ Boston University for a book signing and discussion (4/29/09).



"Morning Edition" with Jeff Schectman (4/24, KVON AM San Francisco)




Robert interviewed on the “Greenberg News Show” with Brian Greenberg (4/16/09, WNJC-AM Philadelphia, PA)

Click here to listen 



Radio interview with "Financial Review" (4/16/09, KFNN-AM Phoenix AZ)

Listen here



Robert was on "The Lifestyle Show" with Frankie Boyer (4/17/09)



Radio interview on "The Jim Fitzpatrick Show" (4/17/09, WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL)




Robert’s Op-Ed Piece “Robert P. Smith: China forced to back America” appeared in The Providence Journal on Tuesday, April 14, 2009. Read



ForeWord Magazine wrote a review on Riches Among the Ruins (4/9/09). Read



The Roxbury Latin Newsletter wrote a review about Riches Among the Ruins (April 2009).


Read it here



Riches Among the Ruins received a rave review on Read It News (4/5/09).


Read the review (Scroll down on page)



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Robert was on "The Mark Johnson Show” (4/6/09, WDEV-AM/FM Burlington, VT).


Click here to listen to the podcast (Scroll down to the 4/6/09 show)



“Alvin Augustus Jones Show” interviewed Robert, which aired on WCBQ-AM and WHNC-AM (4/6/09, Raleigh, NC)


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Robert was on “The Gabe Wisdom Show” on Business Talk Radio (4/1/09).


Listen to the archive (click on April 1 link)



Robert was interviewed for television on “The Literati Scene” with Smoki Bacon and Dick Concannon, BNNTV (Boston, MA 4/1/09).


Find your local listing here



Robert appeared as a guest on “The Wall Street Shuffle” with Dan Cofall and Ed Butowsky.

CNN Radio (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, 3/31/09)


Listen to the podcast



“The Jim Scott Show” hosted Robert on WLW-AM and on XM Radio Channel 173 (Cincinnati, Ohio, 3/31/09).


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Maggie Pascal interviewed Robert on her show "Turning the Tide" (3/29/09)


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Robert was guest on “Traders Nation” with Kurt Schemers and Tom Allinder 

Traders Nation Network (3/27/09).


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Robert’s Op-Ed Piece “Robert P. Smith: There’s plenty of hope for U.S. economy” appeared in The Providence Journal on Thursday, January 29, 2009. Read



“Financial Spectrum” with Bill Kearney (WKXL-AM) interviewed Robert. Listen



“Cable Talk” with Jack Roberts (3/23/09) Listen to the interview with Jack Roberts Cable Radio Network



Robert was a guest on “Conversations with Peter Solomon” WIP-AM (Philadelphia, PA, 3/22/09)



Robert’s Op-Ed Piece “Robert P. Smith: Chavez may implode on his very own” appeared in The Providence Journal on Thursday, January 29, 2009. Read



The alumni magazine of Boston University School of Law, The Record, profiled Robert in the Fall 2008 issue. Read


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